For us at Parkway, we only win, when you win

This promise can be cascaded down—first, for the people who build with us,and then, for the people they build for.

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Our Story

Over the past decade, we have led from the front in providing best-in-class software solutions to financial institutions across Africa.

As a result, we have a wealth of experience understanding the hurdles and infrastructure needs in the sector. We believe every startup will eventually become a fintech or a social network—if people ever have to pay to use it, you may just build a ramp to help people get a better experience with their money.

our growth timeline

2004- 2016

We started before the buzz—with a belief that how we used money could be simpler, seamless and easier to move.

And then morphed into providing modern banking experiences for leading banks, businesses and individuals across the continent.

our growth timeline

2017 - 2021

Our focus evolved into empowering multiple businesses and individuals across the different verticals including financial inclusion through its agency network.

our growth timeline


We understand that the future of financial and banking services in Africa is digital. Hence, we want to partner with ambitious FinTech startups/innovators/thinkers across the continent to improve the financial sector's capacity to better serve people in Africa, starting from Nigeria.


Enable inclusive and efficient financial
services for Africans.


Provide reliable financial technology
infrastructure for African businesses.

Our People

Emeka Onwuka

Chief Executive Officer

Emeka Onwugbufor

Executive Director

Joseph Kumoye

Chief Technology Officer

Kehinde Oyalowo

Head, People Ops & Admin

Opeyemi Ibuoye

Head, Software Development

Opeyemi Alonge

Head, Product Support

Emeka Uzochukwu

Head, Finance

Elvis Oruene

Team Lead, Business

Stephen Fregene

Team Lead, Products

Our core values





We provide the complete infrastructure for your financial and banking services

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